Philosophy of The Elevated Life


Welcome to Elevated Living

A personal life coaching experience to help you live life with purpose .  When we get clear on what we value and what we desire, it becomes easy to live life with purpose and intention! We can create a joyful life with an emphasis on finding balance (between work and play) while moving closer to achieving our goals.  After spending the last 12 years working with patients and clients to heal and overcome life changing illnesses, traumas and health challenges, I have learned so many valuable skills and tools to not only help others move through their individual challenges but to teach them how to create space for more joy, peace and balance in their lives. As a wellness coach, I place a strong emphasis on self-reflection and self-care.  I teach clients about the importance of slowing down and working smarter not harder. I guide clients to learn how to incorporate more play and rest into their everyday lives and how to get quiet to listen to the callings of their soul. Through an investment in a 75 minute coaching session or a 6 month coaching package, you can expect to go deep to deconstruct limiting beliefs, to articulate what you most desire, and to harness the courage to live an elevated life!
After having gone through a number of health challenges in my own life, I have come to intimately know just how much self-care is vital to my health and well-being.  I have also learned that a holistic approach to health and life in general, has helped me move from surviving to thriving.  An equal focus on mind, body and spirit is critical to my well-being and it is the key to living what I consider to be a balanced life - though always a work in progress.  I believe in hard work, adventurous play and plenty of rest.  If you feel burned out from running on the hamster wheel of life and ready for something more, I urge you to consider how Elevated Living can help you change your approach to living and begin to see your life through a new lens of creation.  I can't wait to help you create the life you've always imagined for yourself!