About Me


As an Occupational Therapist, I have spent my career working with patients and clients of all ages from various backgrounds; helping them navigate and heal from life changing injuries, illnesses, and traumas. In that process, I've learned transformational life lessons from my patients; lessons about fear, persistence, determination, acceptance, patience and triumph.  One of the most important and reoccurring lessons I have learned in my career, and continue to be reminded of, is about the importance of priorities and values. What is most important in life? What actually matters to me? Am I living my values or am I merely professing them? Where am I succeeding and where am I missing the mark? Asking myself the tough questions has opened up a whole new level of being that has allowed me to live my life with intention and less out of reaction.  By getting clear on my core values and priorities, I have been able to CREATE my life! What an empowering concept - that each of us has the choice to create the life of our dreams!


As a lifelong learner, Certified Wellness Coach and 200 hour trained Integrated Vinyasa Yoga teacher, I have been taught and coached by some amazing women. I have invested thousands of hours into my own personal growth and development through various coaching programs (Lightyear Leadership, Rock Your Bliss, The Great Big Journey, The Uplift Course), Yoga Teacher Training through the Colorado School of Yoga and worked with a number of therapists throughout my life to help me grow through various life transitions and health challenges.  Malcolm Gladwell, author of 'Outliers,' 'The Tipping Point' and 'Blink', has said, "Researchers have settled on what they believe is the magic number for true expertise: ten thousand hours.” I've certainly invested AT LEAST 10,000 hours into my personal growth and development and who better to become your coach than a devoted student of life?